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Prevention Strategies

Sun safety is taking simple steps to reduce overexposure to UV rays while still enjoying the outdoors. Everyone can practice sun safety anywhere, whether it be at home or on vacation. Consider which strategies will be the best for you.

Know Your Risk
Understand your risk of sun damage.

Cover Up
Discover useful information on what makes hats, cover-up clothing, and sunglasses sun protective.

Learn how sunscreens work and get helpful hints for proper application and reapplication.

Incorporate shade in a number of ways to keep out of the sun without sacrificing fun.

Try to creatively reduce the amount of time you spend outdoors during peak sun hours without giving up physical activity.

Family Involvement
Involve the whole family in sun safe fun!

Understand Tanning Risks
Realize the dangers and potential hazards of indoor and outdoor tanning. Remember: there is no such thing as a healthy tan!