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Prevention Strategies


Shade protects the skin from UV rays

Seek shade! There are many things you can do to make your vacation enjoyable and stay safe from the sun at the same time.

Whether you spend time outside in the same place each day, or you go to different areas to be physically active, there are many ways to be in the shade with the help of
trees, and permanent and portable shade structures.

For shade:

  • Use temporary and permanent shade structures in open spaces.
  • Sit under umbrella stands on picnic tables when you eat meals outside.
  • Find an umbrella poolside.
  • Encourage others to use shaded areas.

Know that shade does not offer 100% protection from the sun. This is because the sun's rays reflect off of many surfaces and can reach you even in the shade. For example, lawn grass reflects up to 2% of UV, concrete sidewalks reflect up to 8%, asphalt reflects up to 9%, and dry sand reflects up to 18%! For these reasons, it is very important to develop a multitude of sun-safe habits.

UV reflectivity of surfaces